The name of the Group comes from its two main founding companies: Perfetti, a leading Italian confectionery company, acquired Van Melle, a primary Dutch confectionery group in 2001. This acquisition created the world’s third largest global confectionery company. The two companies were of similar size and so decided to name the new Group by simply joining both original company names.

Perfetti Van Melle Group B.V. is the Group parent company and has registered offices in Amsterdam. It is a legal entity incorporated in The Netherlands.

We have other Group offices located in Breda, The Netherlands and in Lainate, Italy.

You can contact your local Perfetti Van Melle company and it will respond to queries within 1 working day. There is no centrally located global consumer services contact.

Our factories comply with stringent food safety and quality regulations. Visiting our manufacturing facilities is generally not permitted due to these safety and hygiene regulations and standards.

For all information regarding a specific product, please visit the brand’s site. We follow strict rules regarding the labelling of allergens on our products. Whenever allergens are part of the recipe, or part of any raw materials used in a recipe, we always declare their presence. Our labelling uses the wording "May Contain" in those cases where any one of the top allergens may unintentionally be transferred from one product/ingredient to another. We also state a product is "gluten-free" where it does not contain gluten.

Gum is not digested; therefore, if a piece of chewing gum is swallowed, it simply passes through the digestive tract.